Andy Access MEWP Safety Campaign

Access Rental Gulf is proud to support the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) through IPAF’s Andy Access campaign promoting the safe use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).


 Andy Access Posters for Download


Toolbox Talks - Ground Conditions

Toolbox Talks - Understanding a MEWP Rescue Plan

Toolbox Talks - Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Don't Overload
the Platform

Correct MEWP Selection

Setting Up on a Slope?

Caution with Guardrails

Danger Keep Well Clear

Do Not Jump Out
of the Platform

Register Pre-owned


Keep Clear of
Overhead Cables

Prevent Unauthorised

Don't Use a MEWP
as a Crane!

Never Attach Banners
to Scissor Lifts

Caution When Loading
and Unloading

Unsafe Ground?

Beware of Falling Objects

Rescue Plan?

Pre-use Inspection!

Know Your Machine

Attach Your Lanyard