When working from a boom-type Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP), the International Powered Federation (IPAF) strongly recommends that a harness with a lanyard short enough for the wearer to be restrained within the platform be used. The lanyard may contain an energy-absorbing device, provided it is short enough to restrain the wearer within the platform. This includes Static Booms (1b) and Mobile Booms (3b).

The Dubai Municipality’s Technical Guidelines for Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) states that all persons that wish to use a MEWP must be wearing the appropriate EN361 full body harness with correct lanyard - IPAF recommend an adjustable restraint. The intended operation of this PFPE is to provide work restraint inside the basket / platform.

Furthermore the Municipality states that all operators of MEWPs will have undertaken ISO18878 standard training, where guidance on harness use and how falls from height can occur has been covered. All persons wearing harness inside a working platform should be trained and competent.